About Sattva Yoga Studio

yoga-studioSattva Yoga Studio is part of the global Sattva Yoga community . Located on the top floor of Sattva Rishikesh. We offer daily yoga, satsang, meditations, drum circle , healing sessions, jyotish, ayurveda, ecstatic movement, tantra , vedanta and much more. It is a place to come together in community with a shared intention to transcend and experience radical aliveness.

About Sattva Yoga

Sattva Yoga path offers a unique and potent practice that includes physical postures Hatha Yoga (Static and Dynamic variations of all poses /asanas, powerful breath work techniques , Kundalini kriyas location2(coming from the tantric tradition), Naad Practices (understanding and use of sound as a tool for transformation and healing ,including the use of mantras and music.), Meditation (all different techniques of meditation with their different impact and purpose), tantric transformative practices, chanting , freedom movement and radical wisdom.

These practices are designed to awaken each practitioner to their True Nature. They increase strength, build vitality and create mental clarity. They help raise our consciousness and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility.

Sattva Yoga Practice meets you where you are at. From the beginner to a seasoned practitioner it provides a complete and powerful pathway to Self Mastery and a schedule3radically alive life. It is a practice of opening mind and heart to the brilliance of life.