Welcome to our exploration of Sattva Yoga Academy, a sanctuary nestled in the heart of Rishikesh, where the ancient wisdom of yoga meets modern-day seekers. In this blog, we embark on a journey to uncover the unique essence of Sattva Yoga Academy, renowned for its transformative offerings and commitment to holistic well-being.
Join us as we delve into the distinctive features that set Sattva Yoga Academy apart, from its comprehensive curriculum to its immersive retreat centre. Discover the benefits offered by Sattva Yoga Academy’s beginner level courses, designed to guide practitioners of all levels on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Moreover, explore the yoga teacher workshop opportunities provided here, which are crafted to enhance teaching skills and deepen the practice for aspiring yoga instructors.
Through insightful discussions and firsthand experiences, we’ll uncover the profound impact of Sattva Yoga Academy’s teachings, and how they resonate with individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of yoga and unlock their true potential. So, let’s dive in and explore the transformative journey that awaits at Sattva Yoga Academy. Top of Form


Sattva Yoga ~ Where Tradition Meets Transformation

Sattva Yoga Academy emerges as a singular entity in the realm of yoga education, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation, and transformation. With roots deeply entrenched in the Yog-Vedantic Tradition, it offers the most comprehensive and integrated approach to yoga teachings globally. Developed after years of rigorous study and research in the Himalayas, the academy’s curriculum reflects a profound understanding of yoga’s timeless wisdom.

Holistic Approach

Central to Sattva Yoga’s philosophy is its holistic approach, encapsulating all essential practices and teachings of yoga in a profoundly powerful manner. The term “Sattva,” signifying wholeness in Sanskrit, underscores its dedication to nurturing mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, the academy remains at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly integrating contemporary advancements in science and mind-body research into its teachings, ensuring a modern and relevant education for its students.

Exclusive Offerings

Unique to Sattva Yoga Academy is its status as the sole institution in India offering the pure, original Himalayan Yog-Vedantic Teachings. Led by its founder and master teacher, Anand Mehrotra, alongside a team of dedicated instructors, the academy provides yoga teacher workshop opportunities that allow students to delve deep into the authentic and sacred wisdom of the Himalayan Yogic Tradition. This exclusivity, combined with the serene and nurturing environment of the Sattva Retreat Center nestled amidst the mountains of Rishikesh, creates an ideal space for profound self-reflection, introspection, and inner growth.
In essence, it stands as a beacon of excellence, inviting aspiring yogis to embark on a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional yoga education. Through its steadfast commitment to authenticity, innovation, and holistic growth, the academy empowers individuals to unlock their fullest potential and access the supreme wisdom inherent within.
Sattva Yoga Academy

Unlock Your Potential

Joining Sattva Yoga Academy workshops is not just a training program; it’s a transformative journey that equips aspiring yoga teachers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to embark on a fulfilling career in yoga education. At the heart of these workshops lies a commitment to nurturing holistic growth and fostering a deep understanding of yoga’s profound teachings. These yoga teacher workshop opportunities are designed to open doors to a vibrant teaching path and enrich the practice of every aspiring yoga instructor.
One of the primary benefits of participating in Sattva Yoga Academy workshops is the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in yoga teaching. Through a comprehensive curriculum that delves into the principles of yogic philosophy, anatomy, and alignment, participants gain a thorough understanding of the foundational elements of yoga. This groundwork serves as a sturdy platform upon which participants can build their teaching practice, ensuring that they are well-equipped to impart the wisdom of yoga to others with clarity and authenticity.

Practical Teaching Techniques

Furthermore, these workshops provide participants with practical teaching techniques and methodologies that are essential for guiding students effectively. From mastering the art of cueing and sequencing to honing hands-on adjustments, participants learn a diverse range of skills that enable them to create dynamic and engaging yoga classes. Through experiential learning and hands-on practice, participants not only deepen their understanding of yoga but also cultivate the practical skills necessary to excel as yoga teachers.
Perhaps most importantly, joining Sattva Yoga Academy workshops instills participants with confidence and expertise in their abilities as yoga teachers. By immersing themselves in the teachings of Sattva Yoga and embracing the transformative power of the practice, participants develop a sense of self-assurance that enables them to step confidently into the role of a teacher. Through guided instruction and supportive feedback, participants learn to navigate the challenges of teaching with grace and poise, empowering them to lead classes with confidence and authenticity.

Building a Supportive Community

In addition to the invaluable knowledge and skills gained through these workshops, participants also become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Through shared experiences and collaborative learning environments, participants forge meaningful connections with fellow students and instructors, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging. This supportive network provides participants with ongoing encouragement and inspiration as they continue on their journey as yoga teachers.
Sattva Yoga Academy

Course Curriculum Overview

Step into the transformative world of yoga at Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, where every breath leads to a deeper connection with yourself and the practice. Our beginner level courses, including the 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. These courses are not only about learning but also represent pivotal yoga teacher workshop opportunities for those looking to teach and deepen their practice globally.
Led by seasoned instructors, our immersive courses cover the foundational pillars of yoga – from dynamic asanas and soothing pranayama to profound meditation and ancient yogic philosophy. Nestled within the serene beauty of Rishikesh at our luxurious Sattva Retreat Centre, you’ll find a haven where your spirit can soar and your practice can thrive.
Fuel your body and soul with organic meals and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of our community. As you dive deeper into your practice, you’ll gain certifications recognized by Yoga Alliance, opening doors to share your passion for yoga worldwide.
Join us at Sattva Yoga Academy and discover the boundless potential within you. Your journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery starts here.

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training offered by Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh stands out as a comprehensive and transformative journey for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of yoga and embark on a path towards becoming certified yoga teachers. This immersive training program encompasses a wide range of subjects, from the foundational principles of yoga teaching to advanced techniques and methodologies. Participants delve into the essence of yoga through rigorous study and practice, exploring asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and the philosophical underpinnings of the yogic tradition. Led by experienced and dedicated faculty, students gain insights into the origins and history of yoga, as well as its practical applications in modern life.

Immersive Curriculum

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide participants with a holistic understanding of yoga, covering topics such as alignment principles, intelligent sequencing, and the energetic aspects of the practice. Through hands-on learning and experiential exercises, students develop the skills and confidence needed to lead safe, effective, and inspiring yoga classes. Moreover, the training goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga, emphasizing the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Participants engage in discussions, knowledge meetings, and satsangs (spiritual Q&A sessions) to deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy and lifestyle principles.

Hands-on Learning and Practice Teaching

Throughout the training, students have the opportunity to practice teaching in a supportive and nurturing environment, receiving feedback and guidance from faculty and peers. By the end of the program, participants emerge as authentic, knowledgeable, and empowered yogis, ready to share the transformative power of yoga with others. The training is conducted at the luxurious Sattva Retreat Centre, nestled amidst the serene beauty of Rishikesh. Participants enjoy organic meals, access to campus facilities, and outdoor excursions to explore the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Certification and Opportunities

Upon completion of the program and fulfillment of all requirements, participants receive a certification recognized by Yoga Alliance USA, enabling them to register as 200-hour Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). This certification opens doors to a world of opportunities in the global yoga community, empowering graduates to inspire and uplift others on their yoga journey.
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training


The 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training offered by Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh represents an advanced and immersive program designed to deepen participants’ understanding and practice of yoga. This comprehensive curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, from advanced asanas and kriyas to in-depth explorations of yogic philosophy and ancient scriptures. Participants delve into the advanced technology of Sattva Yoga, integrating practices from Hatha, Kundalini, and Tantra to create a holistic and transformative experience. They learn to blend and work with seven distinct styles of yoga, merging them into one organic whole for healing and transformation of the body, mind, and spirit. The training also includes an in-depth look at the relationship between the five layers of the body and the effect of techniques on each, providing a comprehensive understanding of the ultimate aim of yoga.

Immersive Curriculum

In addition to physical practice, participants engage in knowledge meetings and satsangs, where advanced wisdom is shared and discussed. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including the nature of the Self, states of consciousness, subtle body practices, and the philosophy of yoga. Participants also have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of asanas, kriyas, pranayama, and mantra practice, as well as refine their teaching methodology and communication skills.

Hands-on Learning and Practice Teaching

Throughout the training, participants have the opportunity to apply their learning in a practical setting through group practicums and small group peer reviews. They teach classes, observe others, and receive feedback to hone their skills and enrich their teaching practice. Additionally, participants complete integration coursework, seva (volunteer/service) projects, and self-practice requirements to deepen their personal sadhana and apply their learning in real-world settings.

Certification and Opportunities

Upon completion of the program and fulfillment of all requirements, participants receive a certification recognized by Yoga Alliance or other certifying organizations. This certification acknowledges their advanced proficiency in yoga teaching and enables them to further their career and share their knowledge and expertise with others in the global yoga community.



In closing, imagine embarking on a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern-day seekers, where each breath becomes a step towards a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. That’s the transformative experience awaiting you at Sattva Yoga Academy. Picture yourself surrounded by the serene beauty of Rishikesh, nestled within the lush embrace of nature at our luxurious Sattva Retreat Centre. Here, amidst the tranquil setting of the Himalayas, you’ll find more than just a yoga training program – you’ll discover a sanctuary for your soul, a place where you can truly thrive.
Our beginner level courses, including the renowned 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, offer a holistic approach to yoga education. Led by experienced instructors dedicated to your growth, these immersive courses delve deep into the essence of yoga, covering everything from dynamic asanas to profound meditation and ancient philosophy. But what truly sets Sattva Yoga Academy apart is our commitment to your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through hands-on learning, practical teaching experiences, and insightful discussions, we’ll guide you every step of the way as you uncover the transformative power of yoga within yourself.
And it doesn’t end there. As part of our vibrant community of like-minded individuals, you’ll find ongoing support, encouragement, and inspiration that extends far beyond the training program. Together, we’ll celebrate your successes, navigate your challenges, and grow as yogis and individuals. Upon completion of our courses, you’ll emerge not just as a certified yoga teacher, but as an authentic, knowledgeable, and empowered individual ready to make a difference in the world. Whether you dream of leading classes, hosting retreats, or simply deepening your personal practice, Sattva Yoga Academy offers the tools, guidance, and community you need to succeed.
So, why wait? Join us at Sattva Yoga Academy and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Unlock your fullest potential, embrace your true essence, and discover the boundless possibilities that await you on the path of yoga. Your transformation starts here.